Cajun Grilled Chicken Pasta

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Materials (3 people)
1 cup pasta (boiled until expand)
1 large pieces of chicken chest, marinade with Cajun seasoning
1 small-size sweet potato
1 Small size Brinjal
2 Seeds Avocado small size
1 seed of Capsicum

  • * Sauce * *
    1-2 tsp butter
    1 tbsp wheat flour, boiling with 2 tbsp of water
    400ml of milk
    1 cup of mushroom button
    Cajun seasoning
    Salt to taste
  1. The Pasta is ready boiled, set aside first.
  2. Brinjly Sliced sweet potato & (cross-width cuttings), roast until cooking. Preferably the use of the color Purple or color orange tu. If the usual sweet potato is the white color tu… Looks pale. Smile emoticon.
  3. Capsicum trimmed small & digrilled.
  4. Chickens marinated with Cajun seasoning, grilled. When the cooking is thin.
  5. Meanwhile, set up sauce. Melt butter, add wheat flour. When flour is concentrated, add a mushroom & milk. Stir up so likping. Enter also Cajun seasoning by each other. Feel salt.
  6. Mix & of chicken with a sauce that is completed.
  7. Vegetable Yag Dah finished grill tu tepre at masing2 whether to mix it or want to put on pasta.
  8. Belah avocado, cut cut & put on top of pasta. Completed!

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