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1 Sausage Packets
5 tbsp tiram sauce
5 tbsp soy sauce
2 cup mix vegetables

50 grm dried Prawns
3 red onion
3 cloves garlic
10 dried Chili
5 Fire Chilli

  • The quantity of fire can be reduced or added by the tastes.

1) The pasta boil up to the soft and a short. When the reclth is entering a spoon of the oil into a pasta water, so the pasta does not stick with each other.
2) cut sausage into small pieces, can be added other ingredients such as chicken, prawns, meats and so on. Can also be used to use broccoli or kobis flowers.
3) Heat kan 4 tbsp of oil and tumiskan diblend material just until the smell up. Then add sausage and vegetable mix and keep stirring. Next include soy sauce, tiram sauce and pasta. Keep garbled so mixed pasta with kuah/fry ingredients. Finally you can add salt or soy sauce If the pasta is still less salty. Continue to stir so the pasta does not stick on the pan, so it uses a non-stick pan. When the cook can be switched on fire.

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